Expert who Predicted Rwandan Genocide Says Modi Pushing India to Massacre of Muslims

Dr Stanton said he had warned the then-Rwandan president that "if you don't do something to prevent genocide in your country, there is going to be genocide here within five years. That was in 1989. The genocide developed, the hate speech developed, all the early warning signs developed. And as we know, 800,000 Tutsis and other Rwandans were murdered in 1994". "We cannot let that happen in India.

Empower Our Farmers; An appeal from Greenpeace India

Millions of our farmers still live in poverty and massive debts in India. In an atmosphere of rising diesel and electricity costs, they are under the added burden¹ to fuel irrigation pumps. However, if KUSUM scheme is implemented, farmers can install solar irrigation pumps and save massively on irrigation costs. In many ways, we are …

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