Hindutva Terror Group Sri Ram Sene Locked Pastor During Sunday Mass, Alleged Forced Conversion

Tension prevailed in Maratha Colony in Karnataka's Belagavi district on Sunday, November 7, after Hindutva activists, reportedly belonging to the Sri Ram Sene, laid siege to a community hall alleging mass religious conversion. The protesters claimed that as many as 200 people, including women and children from rural backgrounds, were put up in the building on the pretext of mass prayers for the purpose of religious conversion.

Two Pastor of Chhattisgarh Beaten Mercilessly by Hindutva Mob for Practicing Christianity

On 2nd November, two pastors ruthlessly beaten by a mob of right winger Hindutva group in Dhamteri district of Chhattisgarh. According to local reports, the right wingers disrupted a prayer meeting, beat the two pastors, burned Bibles, and demanded the Christians stop holding worship services in the Biler village.