Muslim Scholar Accused In Anti Conversion Law, Incarcerated for Over 180 Days, Mufti Jahangir Alam Qasmi Awaits Justice

Mufti Qazi Jahangir Alam Qasmi (52) and Molana Mohammad Umar Gautam (57) from New Delhi were arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), in June 2021, on the charges of mass conversion of people into Islam through inducements such as marriage, job and money and mental pressure.

Two Years After the Pogrom Delhi Police Could not Find Evidence Against Accused BJP Leader

Nearly two years after Nisar Ahmed, a Delhi riots victim, filed a complaint regarding vandalism and ransacking of his house and shop in north-east Delhi’s Bhagirathi Vihar, Delhi Police has said that it has found “no sufficient evidence” against BJP leader Kanhaiya Lal, one of the accused in the case. Mr. Ahmed had also alleged that burqa-clad women were being killed and thrown into the Bhagirathi drain.

Tilka Manjhi and the Forgotten Legacy of Resistance

History is always chronicled by the powerful as a result the history and the natives of the Tribal and marginalized people remain hidden and eventually forgotten. The history of one of the tallest freedom fighter Tilka Manjhi is one such chapter that has been neglected to narrate. The Manjhi Revolt against the British Empire is …

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Ahead of UP Elections 2022, BJP MLA, UP Cabinet Minister Among 74 Accused Acquitted In 2014 Moradabad Kanth Violence Case

Moradabad BJP MLA Ritesh Kumar Gupta and all 74 accused, including UP Cabinet minister Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary acquitted by a special court in UP's Moradabad. They were charged for allegedly attacking policemen during the protest in Kanth area of the district in 2014.